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It is something like you give up the whole of the responsibility of your child to the High Court and therefore the court becomes a protective guardian of the child, take care of day to day needs of the child. The court handles up the child to any individual or the local authority which is then supposed to take up the full control of all the child needs. The child could also not be removed from the country without the permission of the court. Now, who can apply to the court for the wardship? This might be the question that would be arising in your mind too! The answer is that any person with any genuine interest in the child or the relation with the child can apply to the court for the wardship of the child, and the child by self can also apply to the court for the wardship even the local authorities if willing could also apply for the wardship of any child. If you are looking for local wardship solicitors then give a call at 0208 863 3666


Now the court could provide any child with the wardship, but for qualifying, as an award as designated by the court, there are some rules which have to be followed and fulfilled. Any young person who’s age is less than 18 and who is British, living in England and Wales could apply to the court for the wardship and the court can give up the consent for that.

Points To Know About Wardship

  • for emergency medical treatment
  • to restrain publicity
  • to protect a child from forced marriage
  • to protect abducted children or any children where there is another substantial foreign matter
  • orders for the return of children to and from another state
  • to prevent an undesirable association

These were some of the reasons where the court might feel up the wardship to be necessary but many other reasons could be there when the court could give up consent for it to any child.

The legal effects that the wardship could have to face are:

  • Medical or psychiatric examination and the treatment of the ward could be undertaken whenever required, any other medical care, if needed, could also be fulfilled by the ward.
  • The ward can be exposed to the police or the reporter for any type of interview regarding any matter. No restriction is imposed by the law to prevent up the ward from any questionary interviews etc.
  • The marriage of the ward can also be done as the individual under supervision or the wardship of the child is given the all Parental rights and responsibilities. Except for marriage the education, residence etc can also be decided legally.
  • The name of the ward can also be changed. This is also the Parental Responsibility that can be easily processed for the ward and there shall be no restrictions regarding it.

How can Wardship applied by anyone:

There has to be a procedure that is to be followed by any individual who wants’s to apply for the wardship, first of filling of the court application or the affidavit is to be done and thereafter when the court consents for the application the another application for the hearing has to be made. After that, the individual has to appear in the court hearing within the 21 days of approval of the application by the court where the court would decide to confirm or deny for the wardship.

Note that it could be granted to any child till the age of 18 and after that age, the wardship, if applied to the child, comes to the end. It could also be ended by the court through passing an order that is actually done through some legal process only.


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