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Parental Rights and Responsibilities – Either mother or the father if has a child then they do know that there are some of the responsibilities which are to be carried out properly like providing up to the house, protection, and maintenance of the children. All these things are although performed by mostly every parent and they with their emotional contacts try to make up the child well disciplined, educate a child, give up the medical support whenever necessary, naming up to the child etc which all are also the part of child caring. Now legally the parental responsibilities are provided to the parents as they should be given this too, but still, under some conditions, these responsibilities could also be granted to anyone else legally by following some procedure.If you have some inquiries regards to Parental Rights And Responsibilities, you can email to our solicitors in London at

Parental Rights And Responsibilities

The question may arise that why would the Transfer of Parental Responsibilities be required and who else can gain that? Not every child remains with the parents after birth but there could be situations where there shall be a need to acquire up the child’s parental responsibilities legally. This could also become a necessary step because in many documents there’s a need to fill up the details of the parents or those of guardians with the parental support and if the father or the mother has left up the relation or somehow left up from the legal parental responsibilities then the child won’t be able to inform/write about that required field in the documents.

This mandatory process of getting up the parental responsibilities legally is also required by the couples adopting any child, you can now get up the rest of the matter easily!

By default, only the mother or the most fathers have the parental responsibility for their child right after birth, but still, in the following conditions the parental responsibilities could be granted:

  •  If any unmarried father want’s to get up the parental responsibility rights for his child then he can do that by jointly registering up to the birth of the child with the mother, get up the agreement with the mother for parental rights and get up the court order for the same. (Mother doesn’t need to do that all as she gains the parental rights of the child soon after birth)
  • If the unmarried father is named on the birth certificate of the child then also he gains up the parental responsibilities and rights but if it’s not like that then he can gain up the rights through getting up married to the mother of child anytime.
  • Anyone else connected to the child could also apply for the parental rights of any child if they wish to do so but they have to first fight up against the law to prove them worthy and safe for the child. There are many rules and regulations that would have to be compared before you can apply for the rights.

What are Parental Responsibilities?

  • Selecting a child’s name
  • Selecting child’s school
  • Consent to Child’s adoption
  • Deciding where the child will live and brought up
  • Choosing the Child’s Religious beliefs
  • Choosing the Child’s Medical Treatment
  • Look after the child property
  • Consent to Child’s marriage
  • Safeguard child health and welfare

Applying for the Parental Responsibilities

If you wish to take up the parental rights for the child and you are not either of the parents then it can be done through filling up the Parental Responsibility Agreement form and thereafter take it to the county court or family proceedings court nearby you for examination, witnessing and all your details verification. After all that process of verification of documents and proof of witness that you would provide, the court will sign on that agreement. After that, you have to perform up to the one simple step, send up the 2 copies of that signed and witnessed parental responsibilities agreement to the Principal Registry of the Family Division address.If there’s any type of conflicts between you and the mother of the child then you can try to get up the parental responsibilities of the child after solving

If there’s any type of conflicts between you and the mother of the child then you can try to get up the parental responsibilities of the child after solving up to the issues or the problems of child arrangements with mother in the court sessions through applying for the court order. You may need to visit up the court for several times until the decision is made by it for your case so be ready to spend up much time and money!


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Parental Rights And Responsibilities