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If you are separating from your spouse or partner and need advice about issues affecting financial settlements and children. We understand that separation and divorce will affect you and your family. Many important and difficult decisions have to be made on separation, which can add to the stress and anxiety of your situation. Issues relating to child custody and access, money and property need to be resolved in the best possible way, for you and your family. You need proper advice from your family dispute solicitors to guide you through these difficult times.

Arrangements for the children becomes a potential requirement for the parents sometimes whenever there comes up the case to separate families and for that the parents have the whole rights and there is no need for any legal actions as the Family Law System encourages and supports parents for that. Although the parents can make up the arrangements and the agreements with their children while they tend to separate without any need for legal formalities. But still, if the parents feel that there arises any type of dispute among their family during the process of divorce or separation and taking on the agreements, then they could get the support of Family Dispute Resolution Lawyer.

The professional practitioner could help you discuss issues, sort out the conflicts, give you the best options for making up the agreement with your children or the family that suits everyone’s needs.

Court action in Family Disputes

If Court action is needed our family solicitors have the skills needed to effectively represent you in Court.

In addition, our specialist solicitors are able to discuss with you different ways to deal with your family law matters. We offer all forms of (ADR) Alternative Dispute Resolution namely Collaboration, Arbitration and Mediation.


In Collaboration, each person has his or her own collaborative family lawyer to guide and assist in negotiating a contract on all issues. All negotiations take place in settlement meetings that both clients and collaborative family Solicitors attend. All parties decide not to go to Court for further settlement or threaten to go to Court, a settlement is the only agenda. Each collaborative family lawyer’s job includes guiding the client towards the reasonable agreement. All the major decisions related to any further proceedings are made by the clients themselves. Once the agreement is reached the collaborative family lawyers prepare a required written agreement (Separation Agreement).


Arbitration allows all sort of disputes to be resolved by an expert Arbiter chosen by the parties itself, as an alternative to raising Court proceedings. Arbitration uses an independent arbitrator, to come to a decision about your complaint. The parties have to agree upon the decision made by the Arbiter, if in case some party doesn’t bound to the decision made by him then it must be implemented enforceable. The whole process is confidential and the parties can choose the Arbiter and where/when the Arbitration takes place.


Mediation emphases more on the problem and what’s the best way to solve it. It is a sort of dynamic process that needs to be amended during the whole process of settlement. A solicitor mediator can help you and your ex-partner or spouse reach an agreement about the arrangements for financial issues and/or children, binding on from your separation. The solicitor mediator will not take sides but will help you and your partner make the good decisions. Mediation is possible whether or not you are married. It is also an option where there are no children involved and it is only monetary issues that need to be dealt with.

WHO CAN PROVIDE FDR (Financial Dispute Resolution)

  • Individuals and the Organizations like Family Relationship Centers, Community Organizations, and Legal Aid Commissions etc.
  • Individuals like Lawyers, Social Workers etc. those who have the knowledge about the law or the all legal acts or is professional in handling up the family issues or conflicts could provide you with the FDR.
  • Some organizations also provide up to the FDA (First Directions Appointment) via telephone chat with the practitioner or the professional.

Note that only accredited FDR practitioners can issue you the certificate and that happens under the Family Law Act 1986. It means that the practitioner who meets all the standards of the Family Law could provide you with the certificate. This certificate could be further needed by you in the court deals if your case reaches there because of the conflicts still holding you.

During FDA procedures, the family would need to undergo multiple assessments, family counselling, joint discussions etc. so that there might be a greater harmony formed among the family members regarding the agreements. While if all that fails in the case and the family still facing the conflicts and disputes, there comes the need to present your case in the family court. The family court requires you to show up the FDA certificate to approve your case and also to find out that you had made honest efforts to resolve your family disputes. Now those agreements under the FDA are made in written on which the family members sign up their approval.

For example, if the dispute is among the couple or partner regarding the maintenance and care of their child while they have separated, then all the arrangements and the deals made during the FDA are kept in written, dated and signed by both parties.



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