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Cohabitation Agreement Solicitors – Couples could remain united for much time without being married and at the same time often think like that they have got into the legal relationship of marriage accordingly or in other words the unmarried couples might start to assume if they have got similar rights and responsibilities as married -by the common law marriage. It most probably could happen to the couples living together for a long time and they could start to live like if they have been married although this isn’t true. Through their common law marriage behaviour which they feel to be working in real, these couples do pretend up their rights and responsibilities alike to the married couple but legally this is rejected totally.

Cohabitation couples need to get up married legally so that they could pretend to get on their real rights and responsibilities related to the marriage. Once if any of these couples dies, the whole property or the trusts of that died partner won’t be shifted to the another partner because the law opposes that as there have been no legal rights given to such cohabitation couples. To get the whole real advantages of marriage rights and responsibilities the cohabitation couples should get married first!

Cohabitation Agreement Solicitors

Cohabitation doesn’t automatically give the rights to the property or the trusts which the couples could share up, and this might cause up the problems to those couples living together but unmarried in the future when there might arise any kind of conflict between both the partners. Cohabitation couples could also apply to the court for making out the joint name for the property both the partners own and by the court order both of them could get up the rights over the common property applied for but still if these couples aren’t married then there might be issues that might enforce the future conflicts among the couples!

Cohabitation Agreement – Things you should consider

Some of the issues that the Cohabitation couples could face probably even if the property, home or the trusts all have been owned under the name of both the partners:

  • In case if any of the partners decides to leave the another partner then he/she cannot force the other partner to sell or divide the shared property or the trusts. For that, they would need to apply for the court order first.
  • Even if any one of the couples was owning the whole of the property but after sharing its legal rights with the partner after applying through court, the property gets divided into half proportions automatically!

Cohabitation couples would not be accepted legally for any such case demanding to offend for the misbehave off the partner, non-supporting financially or any other such issue. This would be adversely negative to the relationship of the cohabitation couples because in any case of rising tension between your relation there could be no reason or legal right to blame on each other. Although these disputes could be somehow resolved through the written cohabitation agreement but again this won’t always prove to be working!

If the cohabitation couples have their children then there might arise so many problems for the couples in case they wish to acquire whole rights of the children like parental responsibilities which the mother only get by default but the father would have to apply to the court for that (Parental rights automatically transfers to the father too if the name of father is there on the birth certificate of child). The only thing that concludes for the cohabitation couples is that if they wouldn’t marry legally then there might come numerous issues or even the disputes and conflicts in their relationships which are quite probable!

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