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Child Custody Solicitors – Child Custody or legal guardianship is the legal term which is used to describe the legal and the practical relationship between parent and his or her child. This includes the right of the child to make his own decisions and the parent’s duty to care for the child in every possible way.

Child Rights in the UK

In the UK child custody law ensures that who should be responsible for the care and charge of a child if in case divorce or separation may occur. The term custody is now commonly referred to as residence where the child permanently stays, following the parental break-up.

 In many cases, parents prefer for joint custody or residency, which enables the child to spend an equal amount of quality time with each parent. This also allows both parents to participate in decision-making which may affect the child. However, if parents are unable to take decisions related to a living arrangement for child, in this case, the court will decide on its behalf.

Parental rights and responsibility toward the child

Every mother and father may have legal rights and responsibilities as a parent. There are following types of responsibilities which a parent has to take care of:

  • Provide a home for your child.
  • Providing basic education for the child. So that he/she can earn his/her living at some stage of life.
  • Giving necessary medical treatment to the child.
  • To teach discipline to a child.

Rights of a father during Child Custody in the UK

Child Custody arrangements can be very difficult to tackle when two people had gone through the orderly process of a divorce or separation.

The one who will be granted responsibility for the care of his child is determined by child custody law. In most cases, the custody of a child is granted to a mother, and father has his all arrangements and contact rights.

However, a number of organizations were trying to increase the existing prominence of joint custody in the UK to allow fathers greater contact with their children following a divorce or separation.


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