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Child Adoption Solicitors – Child Adoption is the way through which the Parental Rights and Responsibilities of any child are transferred to someone else with the demand. This could be done when the child has no parents, cannot be bought up by the parents because of any reason and hence the child’s whole responsibilities are shifted to someone who demands it. The adopters of the child are therefore are allowed to undertake all those preferences of the child which either the parents were supposed to do like child’s education, medical treatment, changing religion, changing up the name of the child etc. The child after adoption losses all the legal ties with the first mother and father even if they are alive and hence they cannot legally interfere with their child’s matters after adoption.

Child Adoption

Who is eligible for adopting the child?

  • You should be aged about 21 or above, have your own house where you could easily take care of the adopted child and therefore fulfill all the needs of the child. There is no upper age limit for the adoption of the child but the adoption agencies just look for only one thing that you have much energy, money by which you could provide a good lifestyle to the child
  • A person with any religion can adopt the child and there is no restriction in that case. The child’s religion can also be changed by the adopters afterward and there will be no legal procedure required for it.
  • Anyone with the health disabilities of physical disabilities can also adopt up to the child and they are also not excluded away from getting up the child rights if they desire. Although the persons with disabilities are sometimes given more preference while child adoption, the only thing they need to confirm is that the child’s needs could be handled after adoption
  • Unmarried couples- heterosexual, lesbian or gay all can adopt up to the child and they would not be protected from doing that. Any unmarried couple can also jointly apply to adopt any child and they won’t need to marry too. Apart from that, any single person can also adopt the child by just fulfilling the adoption procedure.

Areas of specialism

  • Step Parent Adoption
  • Surrogacy
  • Adopting a grandchild
  • Prohibited Steps Orders
  • Same-Sex Parenting
  • Open & closed adoptions
  • Fertility and Conception
  • Adoption by relatives
  • Emergency Protection Orders
  • Adoption from care
  • Post adoption problems
  • Special guardianship orders
  • Foster parent adoption
  • Parental responsibility

Child Adoption Procedure

There is a two-stage adoption process through passing which the person can get up the legal grant of the child’s parental rights and adoption. These two stages could take about 6-8 months of time so the person should be ready to compromise some of the time in this period to run up the process. You need to contact up the child adoption agencies nearby to apply for the process and hence get up the child and after that, you need to register your case and for that, you have to go through the two stages carried out by the agencies only.

  • In the first stage, you will require attending some of the tasks, works or the assessments etc where you will be guided about how you can live with the adopted child. You’re medical, as well as police examination, will also be done in stage one and after some other things, you shall be granted the access to the stage two. If you get rejected in the stage one then the agency have to give up the written clarification for that to you.
  • In the second stage, the agency will approve you for various other assessments and tasks where you will be guided at every step, the agency would also be making the casual visits to your home or office to see and check your lifestyle etc. After all the needed confirmation by the agencies, you shall be granted with the child and the child’s parental rights and thereafter you would become as the parents of the adopted child


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